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What I Provide

Complimentary Consultation

This invitation to a safe space helps us explore questions surrounding why you’re not living the happiest and healthiest you. Schedule your half hour now.

1-on-1 Personalized Coaching

Together we will work side by side on your health and wellness journey, taking baby steps towards your goals, breaking the cycle of yo-yo dieting, and learning how foods can effect your body, mind and spirit.

Intuitive Body Process

I am certified in energy work that goes even deeper into your healing and transformation. The Remote Intuitive Body Process is an energetic process that unlocks your power to create in your life while melting areas of pain, resistance and limitation. Learn more with a Discovery Session.

Power Groups

(For Women)

Designed to support other fabulous women on their path to self-care and wellness, I host “Journaling & Beyond: A Writing to Heal Workshop”. It’s a safe space and joyful way to use writing and journaling to deepen your healing. 

Grocery Shopping

If you don’t LOVE going to the grocery store, please take me along. I’ll help change that old story about how taxing food shopping can be.

Speaking Engagements 

Ask me to talk with your group about finding more balance in life.

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