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How can healthy foods become an enemy?


I honestly thought I was a healthy eater until I started suffering from stomach issues (IBS) in my early twenties. Up until I was introduced to holistic practices, I never realized my stress and the incompatible foods I ingested were causing such severe effects.

I began doing work with an Integrative Health Coach, going behind the pain of what I was letting control my life. Simultaneously talking about food, tweaking how I fueled my body, learning about self-care, getting back to my whole self and listening to my gut… I no longer felt I needed to be defined by my past.

Finding the right foods for me was healing. Food became medicine.

After a time, my coach made a suggestion that I go back to school to become an Integrative Health Coach. It was then I discovered that the stress of my education played a huge part in blocking my self worth. I always felt drained of self-confidence, never feeling like I was "good enough" — these thoughts had been getting in my way for so much of my life. Continuing education was never something I considered because of those scars and pain being so present and overwhelming.  

Doing the hard work — with guidance, no judgment, and empathy — opened a world of opportunity for me. It was profound. It became the catalyst to finding a love for helping others on their journey of peeling away layers, setting goals, and discovering the obstacles that have been getting in the way of living a healthy, passion-filled life.


It is NEVER too late to rewrite your story.


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