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Events & Articles

Dietrich L Horsey: Podcast

Nancy shares her holistic approach to wellness, weaving through the intricacies of nurturing not just the body, but also the mind and social bonds that keep us thriving.

The Savvy Session: Podcast

With Paula Kircher & Kirsten Ramos, Nancy discusses creating a healthier and more balanced life – sprinkled with a little bit of fun!

SpiderMeka Portraits Client Awards: Interview

Nancy revisits her journey of embracing her physical appearance and healing trauma surrounding showing up for herself in a heartfelt conversation with her friend and photographer.

The Academy of Being: Podcast

Go for a walk in the sun amongst the tress and listen to Nancy’s reveal-all story about key moments in her life and how they transformed her from the core outward!

Women Belong Spotlight: Releasing the Feels Starts the Heals

Nancy gives us insight into what we learn about "good" or "bad" food and habits, and how the "rules" are not at all universal for every body type.

Journaling & Beyond: Writing to Heal, Part 4: Letting Love In

Bathe in the light and warmth of a fire in the fireplace and the company of a circle of brave and empowered women committed to healing.

Journaling & Beyond: Writing to Heal

A safe space and joyful way to use writing and journaling to deepen your healing.

Inside, Outside, & You

Event! Join Nancy and others for a smart and savvy evening of networking, wine, and engaged learning about self-care.

Women Belong: Spotlight

In “Ways to Increase Your Energy”, Nancy shares valuable insight about what habits to change to get the most energy out of our day.

Voyage Chicago

Read Nancy's featured interview in Chicago's most inspiring stories online.

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